Jain Hotels has a fully integrated team of feasibility and development professionals with experience in all aspects of the development process. We develop and operate our properties, providing pre-opening services and ongoing management and brand services.

We oversee and manage finance, legal, design, construction, purchasing, branding, marketing, social media, web development, public relations, curation, food & beverage, sales, IT, accounting, recruitment, hiring, and ongoing training and professional development.


Our construction services have been fine-tuned over two decades of building and during that time have embraced advances in technology that help us build better, safer and for a lower cost. We know what it takes to run a hotel, and we work closing with our development and management teams throughout the construction process to serve their needs.

Our team also has experience strategically repositioning and rebranding assets to improve performance. We strive to deliver above market value returns through optimal performance and value engineering as well as leveraging our scale and operational efficiency.


Our hotel management practices enable our properties to maintain and deliver outstanding guest service and superior product quality. Our combined years of practical application, experience, education, and formal training are the backbone of a quality organization that provides daily support to our hotel associates.

We oversee all day-to-day property operations with strong ownership engagement. As a result, we have historically delivered strong RevPar performance and our unique approach has resulted in properties that lead their markets in RevPar and Guest Satisfaction.